Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Guitars are notoriously tough to get right. I don't know if these quite sound like the real thing, but I have fun playing around with them. Lets start with an acoustic.

Looking around for interesting instruments, I started playing with this SFZ guitar from Markus Fielder. I was impressed by the natural sound. So here is a Kontakt version. It isn't sampled every note, but instead has a fair number of round robins and velocity layers.

License: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported
Exception: The recordings of the sound library may be used for commercial music productions.
Credit:  Markus Fiedler

There are lots of Electric guitars to chose from. The gang at Karoryfer came up with this one called Cute Emily.

I did a Kontakt conversion of the sfz version. It has 4 velocity layers and release samples and a great script and shell from Mickaël Ménager that lets you kick up an amp right in the instrument along with other cool effects.

Creative Commons 3 Attribution Unported
Credit:Karoryfer Samples

This Electro Acoustique has a nice sound and not surprisingly goes well with the bass guitar in the post below.

Some time ago I was fortunate enough to work with Project 16's great bass samples. He mentioned to me that he had sampled his Sherwood guitar, but I was taking a break at the time with some shoulder problems so I never worked with these samples. I've also wanted to do more guitars with the script and shell that Mickaël Ménager has allowed me to use. His scripting of great effects works really well with electric band instruments like guitar, bass and electric piano.

The guitar is fully sampled (though I stretched the notes on the ends) and has 5 velocity layers.

Creative Commons Attribution License. You can use this instrument for any purpose but please give credit to Project 16.

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