Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Aside from our solo quality flute below, we have the woodwinds from the two orchestras above. As we will reiterate when we come to brass, the Iowa is more heavily sampled but too short, while the Sonatina is only sampled one note out of three and in one velocity layer, but has longer samples and is smoother. With rare exception only a basic sustain articulation is available.

The woodwinds are pretty well represented in these two orchestras. The Iowa has the Flute along with its Alto and Bass brothers, the Clarinets: Eb, Bb and Bass, the Oboe and the Bassoon. The Sonatina adds Piccolo, Cor Anglais and Contrabassoon along with Flute, Bassoon, Clarinet and Oboe.

The Iowa scripted ensembles have all woodwind instruments available in groups from 3 to 7, though since it is scripted it is quite the 'real' thing. The Sonatina has groups of Flutes, Oboes, Clarinets and Bassoons. The flutes have a staccato articulation.

So while we aren't going to set the artistic world afire with our woodwinds we have enough between the two orchestras and the flute below to cover all the basics in sustain mode. Or in other words, look for pieces that have flute, or as we shall see, trumpet, trombone, violin or cello solos. The rest will do for brief bursts or as background.

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