Wednesday, April 20, 2016

String Patch

Sometimes you just want to drop a nice String Patch into your song and not worry about the details. This Kontakt instrument using the Sonatina and MSLP strings is for those occasions. It is intended to be a more realistic version of the synth strings patches.

The range is from C1 to C6, but the highest octave is a bit weak as it is basically just Violins. It works well for almost all middle to long notes, but not as well for very quick notes. It is definitely the sustain articulation and not staccato. It is light weight at under 100 megs, but with up to 7 notes at once, it can eat up voices pretty quickly.

Creative Commons Attribution: Mattias Westlund and Erick Kvist.

So we have a fairly good string section with solo Violin, Cello and Double Bass instruments and shells for the Viola and an additional Violin. In the posts above you will find the Iowa and Sonatina Orchestras.

The Iowa does contain a Viola along with a Double Bass, but the Iowa has pretty weak strings. The Viola is passable in a mix, but I wouldn't feature it. Depending on the range I'd go with a bit of an adjustment and use either the Violin or the Cello in the posts below.

The Sonatina has nice sounding strings, but they are pretty lightly sampled. The Violin is actually a reworked lighter version of the ldk1609 below. Sadly it doesn't have that elusive solo Viola or a solo Double Bass. There is a solo Cello, though I think the one below is significantly better. Where the Sonatina shines is in the sections. It has 1st and 2nd Violins along with with Violas, Celli and Basses. While lightly sampled they sound quite good and have staccato and pizzicato along with one or two sustain articulations. The WIPs scripts add in scripted legato.

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