Friday, April 22, 2016

Salamander and Summer Pianos Yamaha

The Yamaha Piano tone, bright and great for cutting through mixes. These two pianos deliver a have a different approach than the two below. Both are sampled every third note but have a huge number of velocity layers making them very smooth for a free piano.

The Salamander is one of the most famous free pianos in the world. Alexander HolmFeel aka rytmenpinne sampled his roughly 25 year old Yamaha in 2010 and it instantly became an internet hit. Even today it is a good sized piano weighing in at a shade under a gig using NI's compression scheme. Back in 2010 at bout 1.2 gigs it must have brought some computers to their knees. Even if you have thins one you might want to get the new version as I hand edited all the samples for a more responsive feel.


 Creative Commons Attribution: Alexander HolmFeel

The Summer Piano was created (during the summer) from piano samples in the OLPC sample collection. Google it if you want to find an amazing collection of sounds, though usually only on torrents (legal).  This piano was "performed by computer and specifically recorded for OLPC by Dr. Mikhail Krishtal Director of Music Research and Production and his team at Zenph Studios." It is a Yamaha Disklavier Pro with a touch under 900 samples. Every third note is sampled with something like 12 velocity layers. The cool thing about this piano is that it has true sustain samples which are very rare in free pianos. When you hit the sustain pedal you are actually playing notes recorded with the sustain pedal pressed, not just a bit of computer fakery.

Creative Commons Attribution: Zenph Studios

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  1. The Salamander piano is my favorite so far. I do almost all my piano compositions with it.