Tuesday, April 19, 2016

ldk1609 Violin

Lets start things off with the queen of the orchestral instruments, The Violin. In this case the ldk1609 Violin. I edited the samples to make for a more responsive experience and there should be much less latency than in the original versions. Also when you key-switch articulations it will tell you which one you are currently using.

It has Arco (Sustain) and Pizzicato with and without Vibrato along with Temolo. somewhat oddly it has Spiccato but not Staccato. These are roughly 240 samples with every note sampled in one velocity layer. ldk1609 is a professional Violinist and did a really nice job with these samples. The violin can be really tough to sample with any consistency if you aren't highly proficient as a player.

The Big Bob WIPs script is used. This includes a fake round robin effect to avoid the old shotgun sound when you are playing the same note over and over. If you want more consistency with your note sounds turn off this feature. Turn 'Variation Trigger Override' to 'Never'.
If you use the legato tab, you might try the 'Flute' setting and mess around from there. It seemed to work pretty well for the Violin in my little experiments.

Creative Commons Attribution: ldk1609 @ www.freesound.org

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