Friday, April 22, 2016

Iowa Piano Steinway

The popularity of this Steinway Piano caught me by surprise. It has known the Reddit kiss and is probably the most popular of the Maize VSTi instruments. Sampled from a Model B, it has a warmer tone than the larger Model D that is often sampled. Evan Mazunik did the playing and Lawrence Fritts, Director of the  University of Iowa Electronic Music Studios, I believe was the engineer. Two Neumann KM 84 were suspended 8 inches above the bass and treble strings.

The piano has three velocity layers and release samples with almost every note sampled. I did drop a few of the samples that had issues, but overall it has a quite consistent sound. The Kontakt AET morph seems to work nicely on this piano to smooth out the velocity.  Weighing in at under 200 megs, this has great sound for such a small memory footprint. Just a note if you want a more massive (5 gig) free Steinway B check out the Piano in 162. I had nothing to do with it, it just impresses me.

Public Domain thanks to the University of Iowa.

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