Tuesday, April 19, 2016


I have far too many blogs, but what is one more among friends.

The idea here is to share a sort of bigcat (and friends) signature series of free digital instruments. Hopefully presenting one or two of the best of each type of instrument for orchestra and band along with a few of the more esoteric instruments. I'm quite curious if there are enough instruments to make a full orchestra or at least to cover each solo instrument in an orchestra. I'm cheating a bit right off the bat as the best available Viola is actually a shell for sound samples you have to download due to license restrictions.

This blog will be about Kontakt instruments only. so its kind of a way to collect a second set of, hopefully, nice instruments to compliment or even improve on the Kontakt factory library. In general I'm planning on making the instruments non-monolith patches with wave files, so you should be able to use the wave files even if you don't have Kontakt.

I would like to thank Matt McKay for reworking my standard GUI into a much nicer and cleaner piece of code with some cool feature like the many reverbs. Thanks as well to Evil Dragon for kindly pointing out the many errors in my initial attempts at Kontakt scripting and offering fix ideas.
Much appreciated is Mickaël Ménager allowing me to use his great script and GUI for my electrified instruments.
Thanks also to Big Bob for his great WIPs scripts which can add so many features to instruments.

Huge thanks to the many folks who have sampled instruments and placed them in the Public Domain or under Creative Commons Attribution licenses. Obviously none of these instruments could have been made without them.

Finally thanks to you for trying out these assorted efforts. I hope you have had some pleasure from them.

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