Thursday, April 21, 2016

City Piano Baldwin

The only sampled Baldwin Piano in captivity and I did it myself. It is mono, at points a bit noisy and a bit inconsistent as it was sampled by me sitting at the piano trying to hit each note really hard, then not so hard and then not very hard and then really soft. And for all its flaws when I kick up a Gershwin or Porter medley, I fall in love with it. It is unlike any other digital piano in the world. Is that good or bad?

The demo made this piano and bigcat instruments. I heard Grand Illusion on Youtube and asked permission to use it. Jordan Rudess rep said go for it. That was 44 thousand plays / views ago. Many folks have complained that it didn't sound like that when they play it. I swear the Kontakt instruments was run through the midi using Studio One and uploaded. Nothing was added, just because you can't play like Jordan Rudess don't blame the piano... Oops did I say that or think that.

Anyway I sat down one day and decided to make it as perfect as I could. So I tuned the hundreds of notes and doinked around until I had it exactly how I liked it. This is my personal version warts and all. 4 velocity layers with almost every note sampled and nice 'whooshy' release samples. Over 400 samples.

Speaking of unique I ripped out the loud layers out to create the whisper piano. It has its own character that has brought thoughts of  "quiet parisian cabarets in 1910 at Montmartre" and
"an old movie" piano. But I've yammered on enough and then some, enjoy or not...

whisper piano (intimate derivation)

Public Domain.

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